Firstly – quick apology as to my lack of uploads recently! I have been finishing off my postgraduate studies and will now be back regularly uploading weekly. But now, back to the review!

Let me not waste any time in saying this powder is incredible.

I have always disliked powders as I do not appreciate the caked, matte look that they seem to produce. As a lover of dewy or satin-finish foundations, it frustrates me when i have applied a perfect layer of natural looking, “glow-y” foundation, only to have to set it to a flat, matte finish because I need powder to prevent any oily-ness later on. As a result, I tried just about every single powder on the market – high-end (yes, even the raved about Laura Mercier) drugstore, pressed, loose, translucent, banana – you name it. In the end, I stopped wasting my money and settled with No7 loose translucent setting powder (a dupe for Laura Mercier). That was, of course, until Charlotte Tilbury saved the day.

Coated in her luxury rose-gold packaging, the Airbrush powder is a pressed powder and comes in three shades; Fair, Medium and Dark. It promises “a super luxe micro-fine powder with soft-focus nano particles that blur away lines and imperfections for effortlessly flawless skin in a silk-cashmere touch” and it DELIVERS.


This powder takes away any unnecessary or additional shine to your face, without taking away any glow or dewiness. It does not leave a heavy matte finish to the skin, but rather a soft and literally ‘airbrushed’ look, where your pores seem to disappear and skin is left smooth and natural looking. I absolutely love this powder – however much you pack on it doesn’t look cakey, but it still ensures your makeup stays in place and prevents any oil or shine.

In addition, despite being a coloured powder, it is very sheer and doesn’t act as a second layer of makeup. I am shade medium – a light yellow-toned powder that brightens the skin.



This silky powder retails at £33 which I personally feel is very steep for a powder. However, given how flawless this leaves my skin whilst also setting my makeup, my kit will not be without this any time soon. Charlotte Tilbury never disappoints with her products and all of them seem to live up to their claims. I, for one, am very impressed.

Have you tried this powder? Know any cheaper alternatives? Let me know in the comments!


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