ARMANI Luminous Silk vs NARS Sheer Glow

These are two foundations that have received a LOT of hype. As a long-standing fan of NARS Sheer Glow, I was recommended by many to try the Luminous Silk foundation and promised to be a convert. However, having tried and tested the two foundations over a long period of time, I thought it would be useful to compare and contrast.


I am the shade Stromboli in NARS and number 6 in the luminous silk. I have to say the Luminous Silk is a better match for me here. Whilst NARS cater to a variety of shades and undertones and as someone with a warm complexion I was surprised to find that the yellow undertone shades are actually too yellow for me. Stromboli is my closest match but I often have to mix it with either lightening drops or other foundations to achieve my perfect colour. Having spoken to many friends and from reading other blogs – many people cannot find their exact match with NARS. On the other hand, Luminous Silk is a better match – perhaps a little too olive-y (see below) – but also caters to a wide range of shades and undertones.

WITHOUT FLASH: Armani Shade 6 (left) and NARS Stomboli (Right)
WITH FLASH: Armani Shade 6 (left) and NARS Stromboli (Right)


Despite being branded as a ‘sheer glow’ the NARS foundation actually leaves a satin-y and medium coverage finish to the skin. However, I am a HUGE fan of the finish and for me, NARS is the clear winner here. The foundation really gives a glow-y, natural finish whilst not looking oily or greasy. It also leaves your skin looking flawless – I never receive as many skin compliments as I do when wearing this foundation.

Armani on the other hand, gives a dewy finish and somewhere between light-medium coverage. This foundation has been branded a foundation that gives you a ‘glow from within’ and a miracle complexion. However, I have to disagree. The finish isn’t ‘bad’ but I wouldn’t say it gives a ‘glow’ like the NARS. Instead it provides more of a dewy, shiny look   which I personally don’t like.


The feel of both of these are much of a muchness in my opinion – both extremely lightweight on the skin! Given that neither of these are matte foundations, the longevity isn’t the best. Sheer glow lasts all day on my combination skin but needs to be set with a powder and towards the end of the day is a little oilier. Armani on the other hand, is not as good with longevity and after a few hours is patchy and needs either topping up or powdering down.


These are both high-end and pricey foundations. The NARS retails at £31 which I personally think is worth it for how good of a foundation this is. The only downside is that it does not come with a pump! Sounds like minor setback – but when you’re forking out over £30 for some liquid, the least it can do is come with a pump.

Armani retails at a whopping £40 and this was the reason I was so hesitant, as a student, to invest at first. I don’t think any foundation should cost this much in all honesty, especially not one that doesn’t blow you away. Too pricey, however it does come with a pump and a pretty frosted-glass packaging (if you feel that justify the splurge).


In my opinion, I don’t understand the hype with the Armani foundation – it is not a bad foundation but it is no amazing and it certainly isn’t £40-amazing. In addition, I feel Loreal’s True Match Foundation is actually a great dupe for the Luminous Silk – if not better (!!) – than it’s pricer counterpart (I will be reviewing this soon).

Sheer glow on the other hand, is my holy grail foundation. I love the smoothness of the finish, the glow it gives you without being shiny and the lightweight feel of it. In addition, it’s said to have skin benefits in improving your complexion and skin texture over time – something i can attest to! The only annoyance is the pump and the shade-matching issues – but I will forgive NARS for these as long as they keep producing this unmatchable foundation. My opinion? Save your pennies and invest in NARS!

Hope this post has been helpful – obviously foundation preferences are very personal and depend on a variety of factors regarding the individual – would love to know your thoughts and experiences if you’ve used these! Comment below xxx

2 thoughts on “ARMANI Luminous Silk vs NARS Sheer Glow

  1. I specifically googled “nars sheer glow vs armani luminous silk” and came across your post, and you happen to be the same Nars shade as me lol, although mine is pretty much an exact match. Thanks for the review! I’ve used Nars Sheer Glow for years and I think I’ll be sticking to it now.


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