Morphe 35O Review: Worth the Hype?

If you’ve ever opened a makeup tutorial on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across the Morphe 35O palette; their most popular eyeshadow palette has taken the beauty world by storm. The palette retails around £21-£23 in the UK and is most easily accessible via cult or beauty – that’s if you can get there before they sell out! After waiting months and months for these palettes to restock I finally got my hands on one to see what the hype was about…


First things first, you cannot deny that this palette is extremely good value for money which is probably one of the main reasons it’s such a hit – it’s hard to say no to 35 colours at such a reasonable price.

As for the colours, Morphe have a vast range of palettes alongside the 35O meaning there’s something for everyones taste. However, I stuck with the classic 35O simply because I’m a huge fan of warm-toned colours. As you can see, the colour range is excellent ranging from a crisp white shadow to a deep autumn brown with plenty of burnt oranges in between. There’s also a good ratio of mattes to shimmers.

It’s a good palette but it’s not the best one i’ve ever picked up. The matte colours are beautiful, pigmented and easy to work with but unfortunately the shimmers do not live up to this standard in my opinion. I found the shimmer shadows hard to work with and had a poor colour pay-off – only really working when applying with your fingers (bit of a pain).

When I compare this palette to the likes of Urban Decay or Zoeva, I do not feel the quality is as good. However, it’s understandable why it’s such a holy grail product for many when you consider the value for money and colour range.

The verdict? A great palette especially for beginners or those looking for a large colour selection at an extremely reasonable price. However, if you’re looking for high quality pigmentation and a palette to create more glamorous and glittery looks – perhaps look elsewhere. The new Zoeva palettes are a hit for this and I will be reviewing the Caramel Melange one very soon.. stay tuned!

Let me know your thoughts on the Morphe 35O below! xx


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