Charlotte Tilbury LEGENDARY BROWS Gel Review

I have never really been a fan of brow gels; I find the clear ones to be pointless and the coloured ones to be too harsh and messy. That was of course, until I found myself opening the rose gold packaging of CT’s new legendary brow gel tube.

At first, I was still not impressed – the brush seemed so small that I wondered why I would be paying £18.50 for something so minute. However, it turns out this is one of the best things about the product.


The micro-fine nib ensures that even the tiniest, faintest hairs on your brows are caught and coated with a thin layer of the gel. This means that unlike other brow gels on the market, you get an extremely natural full-brow look.

The gel itself, is another credit to the product. Enriched with Magic Elasticizing Wax and Vitamin E, it not only glides on to your brows but is kind to them too. The gel comes in 4 colours, including one clear gel. The colour is not too warm-toned (often an issue with brow products) and not too harsh.

In addition, because the nib is so fine and the gel so light; this product is buildable. You can achieve a very natural effect for everyday and build it up for a bolder look at night. Something for everyone!

Charlotte Tilbury never disappoints with her products. I cannot recommend this product enough, especially to those with fainter brows. As a long-standing fan of the brow-pencil, I have finally been converted! This is definitely a product I can see myself re-purchasing.

Pop into her stores and give it a try- you won’t be disappointed! Hope this review has been helpful and let me know any thoughts/questions below! xx

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